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Professional Brush Sets

Take a look at the new additions to our professional 30 piece brush set range:



The sets are available in three new eyecatching colors gold, purple and red. The striking colors combined with the stylish faux crocodile leather case, creates a brush set which is both functional and fashionable.

The 30-piece sets are ideal for frequent makeup users and professionals who need a full selection of top quality brushes. The brushes include:

Sector brush (1)

Use this brush to remove excess powder and give finishing touch to professional makeup look.

Face brush (3)

These face brushes are ideal for loose or compact powder, bronzer, and blush application. The soft bristles pick up the right amount of the powder for just the right look.

Foundation brush (1)

Use these brushes for liquid foundation and concealers. Its firm bristles soak less amount of the liquid makeup and you have the right coverage for a natural look.

Eye shadow brush (3)

These eye shadow brushes with different shapes give your eyes the perfect look with smooth application on the lid, in the crease, and around the corners.

Nose shadow brush (1)

This brush is specially designed for contouring and shadowing around the nose.

Lip brush (5)

Ideal for spreading lip color or liner and blending multiple colors.

Eyeliner brush (1)

Ideal for powder or liquid eye liner application.

Mascara (1)

Apply mascara or smooth out the excess mascara clumps from lashes for a beautiful look.

Eye brow brush (2)

An ideal brush for filling in the eyebrows and enhancing their natural shape and thickness.

Eyebrow comb (1)

Smooth out the eyebrows with this brush and give the finishing touch to the eye makeup.

Sponge eye shadow brush (1)

Sponge eye shadow brush gives smooth blending of colors for a professional look.

Click here for more information

Your New Favourite Bag

Take your favourite beauty products with you, wherever you go with our Glow Makeup Bags.

These unique bags are the same size and weight as your average handbag but contain much more storage space. This is because they have been cleverly made with four fold out trays and a large central storage compartment.

The internal storage compartment not only gives you more space but the secure design means delicate items are protected. The four fold out trays allow you to organise your belongings without them getting messed up as soon as you move.

Weighing only 2kg these makeup bags are easy to carry over your shoulder or by the handle at the top.

Whilst being incredibly practicle, they also look sleek and stylish in either the fabric or faux leather finish. Avaiable in 4 colors.

Once you use a Glow Makeup Bag, you'll wonder how you ever travelled without one.

Take a look at them here

30 different designs

We now stock over 30 different makeup brush sets in a wide range of sizes, designs and colors.

Our brush sets start at 7 pieces for beginners and go up to 30-piece professional brush sets for frequent makeup users and professionals.

The most popular of our brush sets are the 12 pieces which are perfect everyday brush sets containing all essential brushes you need.

What sets GLOW makeup brush sets apart are the large number of designs and finishes we offer. These include leather, crocodile effect, leopard print, checkered, abstract and British/American flag cases.

While the designs may be different, the quality remains the same throughout. Each brush is engineered to provide long lasting performance with wooden handles for extra durability.

No matter what brush set you are looking for, we guarentee you will find it at Glow Beauty.

See our full range of makeup brush sets here.

Look after your Brushes

It's important to look after your Makeup Brushes to keep them working well. Afterall you rely on them to look your best so you want to make sure they're in tip top condition.

There are many ways to clean your brushes, the most popular way is to use brush cleansers which you can find in most beauty shops.

However, you can also use baby shampoo and warm water which works just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Here's what to do:
  • Use the shampoor to remove any dirt and buildup from the bristles then rince with water.
  • Rinse well, then gently squeeze excess water from the brush and let them air-dry. Don't soak brushes in the sink.
  • Make sure you dry the brushes when they're lying flat because if you dry them standing up, water will seep in and deteriorate the glue where it’s bonded and you’ll lose hairs.
  • If you do decide to go for a brush cleanser avoids ones that contain alcohol as those tend to dry out the hairs and cause breakage.


When buying makeup brushes, it's always best to buy a full set as opposed to one or two brushes to do everything. Having a full set of brushes will ensure you have all the brushes you need whenever you need them.

At Glow Beauty we stock all sizes from small 7 piece travel sets to full 30 piece professional makeup brush sets. When it comes to makeup brush sets, you can guarentee we have the right set for you at 

Why do you need a Nail Art Brush set?

If you like creating fun designs and patterns on your nails then you need a good set of Nail Art Brushes.

We believe Nail Art is the easiest and most effective way of adding your own unique touch to your outfit. So we've created a range of Nail Art brush sets that contain all the tools you need to create great looking nails.

Each set contain 15 different brushes, including:

  • Sculpt Brushes X 2
  • Slim Striping Brush X 1
  • Striping Brush X 1
  • Curved Striping Brush X1
  • Thick Striping Brush X 1
  • 3D Angled Painting Brushes X 2
  • 3D Flat Brush X 1
  • Fan Brushes X 2
  • Painting Brush x 1
  • Flat painting Brush x 3
  • Angled Painting Brush x 4
  • White Fiber Gel Brush x1
  • Gel Brush x 1
  • Dotting Tools (Double Ended) x 3
  • Dotting Tool x 1

Each of the 15 brushes is designed to create a certain effect from circles, stripes, swirls and dots to abstract patterns and textures. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at our range of Nail Art brushes here

Travel sized makeup brush sets

Our 5, 7 and 12 piece makeup brush sets are designed to be your perfect travel companion. Containing all brushes for your face, eye, and lip application needs whilst being small enough to fit comfortably in your handbag without taking too much space.

You'll never find yourself in a makeup emergency again with even our smalllest 5pc brush set containing:

  1. Face brush
  2. Eye shadow brush
  3. Lip brush
  4. Eyebrow brush
  5. Sponge eye shadow brush

Available in a wide range of sizes, designs and finishes, there is a brush set to suit everyone.

Wherever you go this summer, make sure you take a GLOW makeup brush set with you as you never know when disaster may strike or a touch up is needed.

What you need in your makeup bag

You have the perfect makeup bag, now what do you need to put in it?

Let's start with the 7 makeup essentials:

  1. Blush
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Eye Shadow
  5. Eye Liner
  6. Mascara
  7. Lipstick

These are your bare makeup essentials you need for a flawless face. Carry them in your bag at all times as you never know when you may have a makeup emergency or if a touch up is needed.

Now we get to the most important makeup tools - your makeup brushes

Theres no point having all the makeup products but no tools to apply them so it's always best to keep a full makeup brush set in your bag at all times. The essential brushes you need are:

  1. Powder (Face) brush
  2. Foundation brush
  3. Eye shadow brush
  4. Eyeliner brush
  5. Eyebrow brush

These are the 5 necessary brushes you need look and feel beautiful everyday so always remember your makeup brushes.

Another item, you should also carry with you are Tweezers. You never know when a good pair of tweezers can come in handy. A makeup bag essential.

You can find all these products (excluding the makeup) on our website 

See the full press release of our Makeup Bags here

Look your best for less

Here at Glow Beauty we believe makeup is for everyone and to make it affordable to everyone.

Not everybody can afford to spend hundreds of £'s on high end makup brushes and nobody wants to settle for cheap low quality products either.

So we have come up with a range of makeup brushes, makeup bags and nail art products which we believe strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

Makeup Brush Sets

Starting from just £5.99 our 12pc makup brush sets contain all essential brushes you need and are available in a range of colors and finishes.

Makeup Bags

Glow Makeup Bags are both practical and stylish. Hidden inside are 4 compartments for you to store your favourite makeup products to take with you on the move. Choose from a range of designs and colors in either a fabric or faux leather PVC finish.

Starting from £23.99, these makeup bags are excellent value for money.

Nail Art Brushes

Our Glow 25pc nail art brushes and dotting tools set contains all tools you will commonly require to produce beautiful nail designs and patterns.

Available in purple, pink or black faux leather cases - £14.99.

Keep an eye on our website for any special offers and promotions

Get ready for Summer

The cold, wet weather is coming to an end and the sun is coming out. This marks the begining of Spring which more importantly means Summer is not far away.

Whatever you do this summer, whether you are lying on the beach, going travelling, going shopping, partying or going on a long hike - you always want to look your best. So it's important to atleast take a few beauty essentials with you.

Makeup Brushes - Arguably the most important beauty tools you need as you never know when or where you might need to re-apply your makeup. Therefore it is always a good idea to keep an emergency makeup brush set with you at all times, whether it be in your bag, pocket or in your car.

Nail Art - Whats a better way to get into the summer spirit than to have loud shiny nails? A cheap and fun way of adding a unique touch to your look, choose from our range of shapes, rhinestones and glitter to jazz up your nails this summer.

Makeup Bags - As we've mentioned there's a good chance you'll be out and about this summer, so why not take your beauty essentials with you. Our makeup bags contain fold out trays with a large central storage compartment for storing your makeup products and accessories. Ideal for taking with you on the move.

Let's be honest, Summer is everybody's favourite time of year and we all want to look our best.

Keep a look out for any new products or summer offers on our website

Makeup on the move

Take all your favourite beauty products with you on the go with our new range of Makeup Bags.

Designed to be your perfct travel companion, each bag contains four fold out trays with convenient compartments to keep your makeup.

Available in a wide range of colors in either Fabric or PVC faux leather finish, these bags are not only practical but stylish.

Carry it anywhere like you would a normal handbag with the handles at the top or wih the adjustable shoulder strap.

You will notice the makeup bags are very well made with a sturdy quality feel to it. This means you can carry deliacte items without the risk of damage in normal day to day use.

Take a look at our full range of Makeup Bags here

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